Melhorn construction’s lasting success and presence in San Diego County revolves around our ability to handle a diverse range of projects.

Perhaps most unique was the construction of a two acre replica of an African rain forest within one of Southern California’s most popular and well respected tourist attractions.

The complex bioclimatic environment effectively captures an ambiance quite foreign to Southern California. The $5 million habitat invites guests to traverse a winding path as it weaves its way through a misty rain forest, which also serves as home to a virtual cornucopia of plants and wildlife.

Ituri Forest Entrance, San Diego Zoo

Melhorn’s usual best-effort attitude led to a final effect which is breathtaking, while truly offering its many visitors a ‘tropical’ experience without having to travel to an exotic location.

What has been true for over 100 years of history remains true today-the success of this project once again reflects the reality of the Melhorn tradition.

San Diego Zoo/Wild Animal Park

San Diego Zoo

  • Elephant Enclosure
  • Forest Buffalo Exhibit
  • Group Sales
  • Ituri Forest Entrance
  • River’s End Rest rooms
  • Visual Service Building

Wild Animal Park

  • Asian Elephant
  • Condor Boulders Exhibit
  • Elephant Enclosure
  • Lion Exhibit
  • Administrative Office
  • Congo Kitchen
  • Kiosk
  • Retrofit Cages
  • Heart of Africa 2
  • Dino Mountain

Congo Kitchen